Taula 2MR

Created by popular demand

Analogue handwired, high quality, compact designed audio mixer.

TAULA 2 MR is an evolution of our highly successful Taula 2.

It inherits the classic Taula 4MR sound in a smaller package.

Most of the manufacturing is done in-house,
including pcb assembling, painting, silk screening, wiring, woodworking, etc.

The average build time for a Taula 2MR is around 20 working days + delivery.
Our clients are of the most importance for us, that is why we have the best post-sales service.


Operational features

2 Stereo input Channels

Selectable – Phono /Line input

On every Channel:

Gain control:


Fx send:

Post fader.

EQ controls:


Bass: -22dB+6dB

Midrange: -22dB+6dB



Activation push switch.

Pre fader 5 led vumeter.


Audio control via ALPS Blue Velvet Potentiometer.

Main mix ISOLATOR:

3 way 24dB/Octave.

Bass to Mid crossover freq: 300Hz

Mid to High crossover freq: 3Khz

Controls cut to infinity/boost to 6dB

Engage push switch.

Master controls:

Master volume, controls main mix output.

Booth volume, same as above controls booth output.

Cue/mix blends output to headphones, from cue to pre master output mix.

Headphones volume, takes care of your most important tool, your ears

Fx Return Master volume.

Main connectors:

Channel inputs: RCA for phono and line.

Fx In/Out: RCA

Direct pre Master volume recording outputs: RCA

Booth Monitor Output: 2 balanced 6,3mm Jack.

Main Output: 2 balanced XLR

Headphones output: 6,3mm Jack


10 led per channel stereo post master metering.

Power Supply:

Internal linear supply.

External 16VAC 2A wall wart.

Additional Information

Color Chart: Matt Black,Green, Cream, Red, Blue.

Weight: 4 kg

Dimensions: 32 x 32 x 10 cm

Wood sides


Final Price 1.200 EUR
plus VAT + shipping

Delivery Time: 20 working days