Taula 2

Created by popular demand

Analogue handwired, high quality, compact designed audio mixer.

TAULA 2 was created by popular demand. With a vintage look and five different front panel colors, Can Electric Audio recovers the functionality and aesthetics of the classics from the club culture, by carefully crafting the electronics to get the most from any sound source, specially when using turntables.

Most of the manufacturing is done in-house, including pcb assembling, painting, silk screening, wiring, woodworking, etc.

The average build time for a Taula 2 is about 20 working days + delivery.

Our clients are of the most importance for us, that is why we have the best post-sales service.

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Operational features
2 Stereo input Channels
Selectable – Phono /Line input
On every Channel:
Gain control:
Fx send:
Post fader.
EQ controls:
Bass: -22dB+6dB
Activation push switch.
Pre fader 5 led vumeter.
Audio control via ALPS Blue Velvet Potentiometer.

Main mix ISOLATOR:
3 way 24dB/Octave. 
Bass to Mid crossover freq: 300Hz
Mid to High crossover freq: 3Khz
Controls cut to infinity/boost to 6dB
Engage push switch.
Master controls:
Master volume, controls main mix output.
Booth volume, same as above controls booth output.
Cue/mix blends output to headphones, from cue to pre master output mix.
Headphones volume, takes care of your most important tool, your ears 
Fx Return Master volume.
Main connectors:
Channel inputs: RCA for phono and line. 
Fx In/Out: RCA
Direct pre Master volume recording outputs: RCA
Booth Monitor Output: 2 balanced  6,3mm Jack.
Main Output: 2 balanced XLR
Headphones output: 6,3mm Jack
10 led per channel stereo post master metering.
Power Supply:
Internal linear supply.
External 16VAC 2A  wall wart.
Additional Information
Color Chart: Matt Black,Green, Cream, Red, Blue.
Weight: 4 kg
Dimensions: 32 x 32 x 10 cm
Wood sides


Price 1.350 EUR + VAT
Delivery Time: 30 working days